Epic Game Jam Review

The Epic Game Jam is a wacky game jam with many, many themes.

The Epic Game Jam was a game jam with no winners or losers, but instead one made to be funny and get people jamming together! This jam started off with one main theme; First Time, but had more themes added throughout the time the jam was up. Heres a list of them all, so you can understand just how wacky and fun this game jam is to play: poison, grey areas, a rare and splendid delicacy, 2=infinity+yellow, one-legged pony, alcoholic carrot, pacifists attack again, yotta bytes, izakaya, right part – left part of the brain, speed limit: 0km/h, silly robot sounds, pineapple pudding, infinite indigestion, tentacles, hadouken!, don’t drink beers after midnight, backsliding turkey, conversations, rainbow duck, polymorphism, red-haired turtles, mayonnaise physics, serendipity, super bacon, and my personal favorite, ass to ass teleportation. These themes were submitted be the general public to the game jam during the course of the jam. The game developers do not have to use all these themes, but are encouraged to use as many as possible. I have had the chance to play all of these epic games! Below are a few of my favorites in no real order.

Unknown Voice [image 1 of 10] Unknown Voice [image 2 of 10]

*Unknown Voice*

*Unknown Voice* is a very amazing looking game. This game starts off with some dialog between the unknown voice and the main character of the game. This conversation is sort of random and includes many themes. Then, the game starts. The player is a man who can punch things and is looking to save the princess from the castle. The graphics, though there is not much color, are simply amazing. Who knew this much grey could look good? This game is not quite finished as there is no way to go inside the castle, but grey turtles with red hair lurk around to be punched. There are also huge squares of text that tell you what would have been their given the time. Hopefully, we see more done with this game. I would love to play the finished product, but until then, I love killing off those turtles.

Porku Piggu Adventure [image 3 of 10] Porku Piggu Adventure [image 4 of 10]

Porku Piggu Adventure

Porku Piggu Adventure is a pretty short game but there is something oddly charming about it. The player plays as a pig who is going to Cherry Blossom Land. This land is very small, but quite a few themes are seen in this game. The pig is teleported, ass-to-ass if you will, and is taken to get ready to go into the land. One must not go in there without some splendid clothes or covered in mud! Once in the land, the pig is to try some carrot cocktails, but the ending really surprised me…

Original Freak Battle Ex [image 5 of 10] Original Freak Battle Ex [image 6 of 10]

Original Freak Battle Ex

This game has three parts to it, three different bits of it that have the themes in them. The question asks “Have you ever…” but the end of that question is then put in a level. All of the levels have the same platformed layout, with different themes and monsters. The first level has our player, a girl with some sort of wind gun, fighting two giant pigs with huge butts. These pigs harm the player by farting. They also float in the air instead of walking. One of the two pigs always has a bubble around it, whereas the other is free to hit. Next, the player battles a pair of polymorphic red-haired turtles. The first turtle is small and rather easy. He blows bubbles that can push the player back into some waving tentacles, but can easily be avoided by crouching. The turtle can also go into his shell and slide back and forth, trying to hit the player. The second turtle only appears after the first turtle is killed. This one is way bigger, blows more bubbles, and drops shells from the sky onto the player. The last level is my personal favorite. The player is now fighting a giant rainbow duck who shoots at the player. There is also some rainbow spaceships that can fly in and attempt to attack the player. This whole level is in space, on an alien saucer. In the middle of the ship is none other than a giant pineapple pudding that the character can bounce on. Original Freak Battle Ex is a great game!

Une Fois Pour Toutes [image 7 of 10] Une Fois Pour Toutes [image 8 of 10]

Une Fois Pour Toutes

This game was completely in french. I do not quite know what the game is about, what is going on, or really what to do, however, the graphics are the best I have seen in a long time so I had to include it in my favorites. Just look at those pictures!! The graphics are simply amazing.

Super First Class [image 9 of 10] Super First Class [image 10 of 10]

Super First Class

Super First Class is about a teenagers first wacky day of school. Each “class” has a different theme to avoid, first being super bacon, followed by a rubber ducky leaking a rainbow goo to slow the player down. Backsliding turkeys take over the next room, then red-haired turtles that slide around. Grey statues throwing air balls are in another room… the player must keep avoiding these themes, jumping over holes in the schools, and getting to the next class. It is very fun.

This game was so random and fun to play with! Check out all the games here.

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