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    Jupiter Hadley

    This jam is another made by Gamejolt, but there are a LOT Of games that are currently in development in this jam. I wonder if all of them will be finished at the end of 3 days. Deadlines are really hard to follow, it seems.



    I was originally supposed to take part in this jam, but I have an uncreative period and I wanted to make something bigger! I also thought this jam would be one of the jams that gain only little attention.

    And what happened? I ended up making another score hunting game for Lowkey Jam and now I am making an HTML5 remake of one of my previous games. Yesterday I read that the Glitch Jam has over one hundred entries. Another small jam, yes?

    I also considered not to join the jam because I thought there will be no voting. And guess what? The voting has begun!

    The life is full of bad choices: instead of programming an (unsuccesful) xlib-based framework for Linux I could have taken part in this jam! Oh well, I will promise I will not skip the next big jam (whatever it will be)!


    Jupiter Hadley

    Well, I wish you luck in your jamming! And yes, all GameJolt official jams have voting :3

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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