About Us

  • General Contact – Email: admin@indiegamejams.com Twitter: @indiegamejams
  •  Jupiter Hadley – Hello! I am an indie gamer and YouTuber who loves game jams! I sort of dabbled in making games myself, voice acting in others, as well as writing. I am known most for playing ALL the indie games that are played in game jams and making videos of short looks into each one.
  •  bunnyhero likes making silly little games for game jams. He tweets about his game-making exploits at @BearInATeaCup, and very occasionally blogs about gamedev at dev.bunnyhero.org. Also take a look at his #onegameamonth profile if you feel like it!
  • Name // Gus
    LvL // 28
    Class // Freelancer
    Class Spec. // Visual Arts
  • Chris B. – another awesome person who provides advice and sound related editing. He also makes games and music related things here.